Meet my wonderful bunny family! I currently have two very special furbabies who bring such alot of joy to my life. I have been very fortunate to have had bunnies in my life for the past 25 years and could never see life without them. The last year has been very difficult losing the love of my life, my disabled bunny Milly Moo who has changed my life forever. My heart is still hurting and for the moment I am not adopting anymore bunnies and comcentrating on spoiling my 2 remaining bunnies and my 2 rescued guinea pigs Vince & Howard. 

I rescued our pretty girl Lulu at just a few weeks old and she has the comical helicopter ears! (one up and one down). She is very mischievous and makes me smile. She is growing old gracefully and has become such a softie. 
Rescued from a meat farm, Our handsome boy is the most affectionate bunny who likes to get up to mischief. Sadly he has been battling abscesses for most of his life and we almost lost him last year, but I'm relieved to say he is doing so much better and back to doing what he does best... yes binkies! He needs constant care and may never get rid of his abscess but we will face whatever comes together. 
For our 25 angel bunnies - we love and miss your always xx