Meet my wonderful bunny family! I currently have four very special furbabies who bring such alot of joy to my life. I have been very fortunate to have had bunnies in my life for the past 21 years and could never see life without them. 

Milly Moo
I rescued her at just 8 weeks after she arrived at The Ark Animal Rescue with her 5 litter mates. She's a french lop and has a huge personality. She has been disabled due to E.C for the past 4 years. but despite it all she's a very happy girl and we have the most amazing bond. She inspires me everyday with her spirit and has taught me that a disability isn't always the end but just the beginning of a very special friendship!
I rescued our pretty girl at just a few weeks old and she is has the comical helicopter ears! (one up and one down). She is very mischievous but who couldn't forgive that face!
I was asked to take on Ruby as she needed a very special home after being abandoned lose in a back garden after the owners moved out. Left to fend for herself, she was very lucky to survive and was in awful state. We nurtured her back to good health and named her Ruby as she is just so precious. 
This handsome boy is our most recent rescue and is the most affectionate boy who likes to get up to mischief. Sadly he has recently had a battle with a jaw abscess which we are still fighting... we almost lost him but I'm relieved to say he is doing so much better and back to doing what he does best... yes binkies! we still have a long way to go and may never get rid of his abscess but we will face whatever comes together. 
For our 21 angel bunnies - we love and miss your always xx