Moon Shadow Rabbits Pencil case/Toiletry bag

Moon Shadow Rabbits Pencil case/Toiletry bag

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From the enchanted imagination of world-famous fantasy and wildlife artist Lisa Parker, this spacious 3D pencil case is exclusively available as part of Nemesis Now’s Premium wholesale alternative giftware range. On a grassy hillock in a forest clearing, 3 rabbits have gathered. They stare up at the full moon together, a few stars becoming visible in the clear night sky. Their backs are facing you, and the shadows cast by the moonlight stretch out behind them. Around them, the outlines of fir trees are just visible.

The 3D effect adds an extra depth to the already fantastic artwork, and the sturdy zip ensures that your pens and pencils will remain safe. Also makes a perfe4ct toiletry bag or carry case with its wrist strap. A fantastic gift for those who want to take notes on their nocturnal skygazing.


 Size approx 17cm x 10.5cm x 5cm

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