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love country

Like a Mum to Me Bunny Rabbit Christmas Card with Poem

Like a Mum to Me Bunny Rabbit Christmas Card with Poem

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The most beautiful card from Love Country by Sarah Reilly.. The beautiful artwork comes with a beautiful poem on the back and also has lovely foiled accent. 

  • The card measures 160mm x 160mm
  • pretty gold foil accents
  • White envelopes
  • Inside, the card reads 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New year'.
  • Printed in The UK

Poem on reverse:

Christmas Magic

There is a sprinkle of magic in the frosty air tonight, for this is Christmas Eve
Woodland folk gather together with good cheer because they firmly believe
Each year on this night there is a special visitor from up above
Spreading happy tidings, delivering gifts with jolly laughter and love

Snowflakes gently begin to fall as they gaze up eagerly at the stars
Everyone closes their eyes and makes a special wish from their hearts
In the distance there is a soft jingling sound and the robin excitedly tweets
Here he comes! It’s the winter wonderland sleigh bearing lots of yummy treats

With a sudden woosh across the sky the glittering sleigh bursts into view
Presents drop into the trees where the owls catch the crying “twit twoo”
The reindeers jingle their bells waving to the animals cheering down below
Flying high on their magical dust which make their antlers glow

A feast the animals will now enjoy of wild mushroom stew and cranberry pies
Hugging each other goodnight they stretch, yawn and hibernate with contented sighs
As they huddle together knowing the greatest gift is having each other near
A Christmas lullaby is softly sung to welcome in a Happy New Year


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