Bunny Mad Magazine: Issue 34- Last Issue

Bunny Mad Magazine: Issue 34- Last Issue

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The Autumn/winter 2019 issue of Bunny Mad Magazine, full of fabulous stories, rabbit care and advice, and everything 'bunny' you could wish for!

this is our last ever issue before Best4bunny takes over in March, so grab it whilst you can. 


  • Travelling With Your Bunny  
  • Kidney Failure in Rabbits
  • Remembrance Garden
  • Finding Pet Boarding 
  • Tattoo Tribute 
  • Rescued by a Rabbit 
  • The Coin Lady
  • website guide
  • readers' stories
  • shopping guide
  • more readers photos than ever!
  • all the regular info, tips and fun!

This will sadly be the last issue of Bunny Mad! magazine as I have had to stand down due to ill health... BUT we are excited to announce that www.best4bunny.com will be taking over so please hop over to their website to subscribe.