Always Hare Mini rabbit Canvas

Always Hare Mini rabbit Canvas

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 These cute mini canvases measure 21cm x 15cm x 2cm and come with a copy of the accompanying story poem by the Artist. They are lightweight and perfect for any bunny loving home! They would also make a perfect gift 

Always Hare

Sometimes you know what I’m about to say

It makes you special in every way

You understand me and laugh at my mistakes

With the ridiculous things I often undertake

You tolerate me when no one else would

You are patient and kind and far too good

Having someone like you by my side

Gives me the wings on which I can glide

Someone to depend on confide and confess

Laugh and cry with, a friend to call best

And through it all we have the love that we share

So can I just say, I’ll always be hare x