Bunny Mad Magazine: Issues 11-20 (DVD) To View On Your Computer

Bunny Mad Magazine: Issues 11-20 (DVD) To View On Your Computer

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This exclusive DVD allows you to view 10 issues of Bunny Mad Magazine on your computer. Bunny Mad Magazine Issues 11-20  have now sold out in print... so this is your only opportunity to add them to your collection! Simply put in your DVD drive and get reading!

Full of fantastic stories, bunny photos and much, much more.

Just some of what you can see on this CD:

  • everything you need to know about lumps & bumps 
  • coping with loss
  • special needs rabbits
  • bunnies as healers
  • good poop guide
  • understanding the digestion system
  • dangers of bloat
  • bonding
  • moulting
  • nutritional healing
  • website guides
  • health checks
  • pain & management
  • rabbits of the world
  • rare and unusual breeds
  • poetry
  • rabbits rescue profiles
  • how to make a bunny toys & treats
  • safe & toxic plant guide
  • rabbits habits
  • living with head tilt
  • fundraising shop
  • shopping guides
  • remembrance page
  • heartwarming readers stories and photos
  • fun articles
  • much, much more!

please note: You need a DVD drive on your computer, which most modern computers now have. Due to some of these magazine being designed in older software there may be a handful of photos missing or an odd page, my apologies for this.