Bunny Mad Magazine: Issue 34- New Issue

Bunny Mad Magazine: Issue 34- New Issue

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The Autumn/winter 2019 issue of Bunny Mad Magazine, full of fabulous stories, rabbit care and advice, and everything 'bunny' you could wish for!


  • Travelling With Your Bunny  
  • Kidney Failure in Rabbits
  • Remembrance Garden
  • Finding Pet Boarding 
  • Tattoo Tribute 
  • Rescued by a Rabbit 
  • The Coin Lady
  • website guide
  • readers' stories
  • shopping guide
  • more readers photos than ever!
  • all the regular info, tips and fun!

This will sadly be the last issue of Bunny Mad! magazine as I have had to stand down due to ill health... BUT we are excited to announce that www.best4bunny.com will be taking over so please hop over to their website to subscribe.